• Focus Groups

    Focus groups are effective at generating hypotheses and can be a valuable way to see your problem through the eyes of a targeted audience such as consumers, voters or citizens. Our experienced team will help you use qualitative research to define, refine, and execute a strategic plan.

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  • In-Person Intercept

    Face-to-face interaction remains a vital qualitative as well as quantitative tool, whether it be to supplement difficult-to-fill demographic quotas, or reach a non-traditional sample grouping.

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  • Online Ad Testing

    SmithJohnson Research provides online quantitative ad testing with full cross-tabulations more quickly and at less cost than traditional focus groups.

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  • Mobile Interviews

    We connect with people where they are, utilizing the full array of communication platforms.

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  • Online Interviews

    At SmithJohnson Research, our technological reach has kept pace with the changing landscape of enhanced data tools from online panels to "cookie tracking" to real-time ad testing.

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From ballot measure campaigns to professional sports and entertainment companies to candidates and business groups, the senior staff at SmithJohnson Research has been helping leaders make strategic decisions for more than 24 years. At SmithJohnson Research, there are no cookie-cutter projects. Every research collaboration commands the attention of our senior staff.


From traditional surveys to "virtual focus groups" to online and mobile applications, the skilled professionals at SmithJohnson Research will design and manage a research program that is tailored to meet your individual needs.


We've conducted hundreds of research projects for some of America's most forward-thinking companies and associations. We have a thorough understanding of business, decades of experience working in the political arena, and an extensive history working successfully with trade associations and social marketing.


Do telephone surveys still work? The answer is a qualified "Yes," but things are changing fast, and it may not always be the best way to spend your research dollars. Learn MORE...