The SJR Difference

The tools of data collection and analysis are constantly evolving, and include traditional telephone, mail and in-person intercept surveys, along with newer technologies using online and mobile platforms.




SmithJohnson Research is a strategic polling company. Our goal is to help you acquire the information you need to actually make decisions. There are no cookie-cutter templates at SmithJohnson Research. Every project demands the attention and expertise of our senior staff who understand that each research problem is inherently unique.




While questionnaire development is an art, selecting the correct sample is science. Asking the right questions only matters if you are asking the right people in the right proportions. Independent tests show that our sampling protocols produce consistently more accurate results.




Static research models are snapshots in time, but today's technology enables dynamic data analysis over time, greatly enhancing the ability to spot and track trends. In 2012, SmithJohnson Research introduced Porpoise© Technology (download now), a dynamic data analysis program that enables progressive comparison of multiple survey blocks over time, with real-time variable cross-tabulation. SmithJohnson Research has developed a variety of tools for the collection, weighing and analysis of data, in both static and dynamic modes. In addition, our SmithJohnson Propensity Index (SPI) is used by campaign organizations across the nation to target tens of millions of dollars in election advertising annually.